Kim Kardashian West Returns For ‘LOVE’ Magazine’s Advent Calendar

A fallen star rises extraordinarily

On the 12th day of LOVE's Advent Calendar, the magazine gave us Kim Kardashian West.

Save for a brief trip to an ice cream shop, the entrepreneur has kept a low-profile in the two months since being robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. (The entire family, really, has reeled it in a little.) Now, she comes back to us in the form of a fallen star in an aurora borealis fever dream. Filmed by James Lima, West appears as the imaginary character in an anonymous human's drawing made of pencils and crayons. She is both goddess and alien; plush and extraordinary. This is what the "Bound 2" video would be if Yeezy were a celestial kind of guy.

Though this was most likely filmed before her unfortunate Paris incident, the dream-like metaphor of a star returning to earth is not lost and, really, all the more powerful. It is a true holiday gift, because a world without Kim Kardashian West is a dismal world, indeed. Welcome (well, sorta) back.