Photo by Charlotte Rutherford


Kim Petras’ New Song Is A Valentine’s Day Gift

“Heart To Break”

Kim Petras is the true pop princess successor. Her adolescence spent obsessing over the Britneys, Christinas, and Paris Hiltons of the world shaped her music taste in ways we're almost unworthy of experiencing. But damn, it is good.

"Heart to Break" is Petras' newest release and another delicious pop confection to add to her belt. Though it's inspired by her experience with broken hearts, Petras spins it into a bubbly ode to helplessly falling in love. She dances on that precarious line of giving your heart to someone knowing full well they could shatter it. The 1-2 step beat only amps up the song's ability to worm its way into your ears and stay there well after the final chorus. The song's hook? Iconic. Honestly and truly. Like a heart falling in love, Petras soars here. 

Kim, you have our heart to break all day, any day.