song premiere: kimberly cole

pop music with a bite.

by rebecca willa davis

What happens when a pop musician grows up, gets tough, and puts together an album meant to reflect her recent experiences?

You get "Found Better," the new single from Kimberly Cole and first sign that the dance artist is getting a little less bubblegum. The track is off of The Prelude, her upcoming sophomore album, and hints at a musician who, as the song suggest, just found something even better. "It's a journey that I'm really glad I had the guts to go through," is how Cole describes writing the new record. As for the sound? Think Gwen Stefani at her most reggae paired with major EDM beats.

After stints opening for Katy Perry and collaborating with Iggy Azalea and Kat Graham on a TV series, we're glad she's found time to work on something new. Want to hear what we mean? Good, because we've got the exclusive premiere of "Found Better." Put on your crop top, turn up the speakers, and get ready to sing along.