king fantastic - live from avenal state prison

“Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.” -Plato

by Josh Madden

In 1986 Paul D. Hudson aka H.R. aka Human Rights of the Washington DC-based hardcore and punk rock band Bad Brains was arrested. He was incarcerated at Lorton Reformatory in the middle of the recording process of the band's third record I Against I. Instead of waiting for H.R.'s release and at the advice of producer Ron Saint Germain, the band laid the vocals for the track "Sacred Love" via telephone call. The vocalist unscrewed the mouthpiece of the phone so that there would be no background noise and sang into it.

Today, 27 years later, rap duo King Fantastic, facing a similar obstacle, has subscribed to the very same remedy. The pair, who describe their music as "Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic," has released the brand new recording with a Frank & Jan crafted visual below and it's different than anything they've put out thus far, to say the least. The rapper half of King Fantastic, Maurice "Reese" Rivera Washington, is currently spending time at Avenal State Prison (due to be released March 2014). It is from there that he called the producer half of King Fantastic Josh "Troublemaker" Kouzomis and spit this freestyle. Kouzomis tells us he's been working on new tracks and a new record will surely follow the rapper's return. Check out all of King Fantastic's music and read Rivera's correspondence HERE.