Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images

KinkBNB Is Like Airbnb Except For The Bondage Part

a sex-positive room sharing site is now live

People are into all sorts of things when they vacation. Some want to go sightseeing, while others might be more into discovering hidden gems. Others feel like being tied up. If you fall into the third category, KinkBNB is here for you.

KinkBNB was created as a safe space for all your sexy vacations. Much like Airbnb, it operates as a room-sharing service, but with a twist—all hosts are sex-positive. Everything else about the format is largely the same. Hosts decide upon a cost for their room, and approve each guest individually. Guests and listings are reviewed, making it easier for both guests and hosts alike to feel comfortable with the renting situation. You can even import your room listing directly from Airbnb.      

While KinkBNB is sex-positive, the creators of the website know that not everyone in the world is—the site is as discrete as it is positive. The service uses avatars, and real names are only used with payments. There's a verification program for hosts, so guests can know they're renting from someone safe. KinkBNB is also by invite only, so only registered users can use the website.

At the time of writing, there are 111 listings available, ranging from elaborate sex dungeons to intimate apartments, all ready and waiting for you to explore your wildest sexual desires. So grab your toys and create your safe words, and let the sexy fun times begin!