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kit harington and his short hair smolder in new jimmy choo ads

brood on, jon snow.

Kit Harington, sensei of smolder, is putting his skills to good use in some new Jimmy Choo ads that just hit the web. The Game of Thrones heartthrob gives his best blue steel as he perches on the hood of a car like the flawless gargoyle he is, showing off some pretty fly footwear in the process. This is Harington's second tour as the face of the legacy shoe brand, but this time, his famous long hair is noticeable gone. Harington recently caused mild panic online when he debuted the shorter do, leading obsessives to cry spoiler speculate that Harrington's beloved Thrones character Jon Snow was doomed. But season five of the intensely popular HBO series finished shooting late last year—the show premieres April 15—so it's very likely that Harington didn't feel like being Jon Snow for a while. And that's okay. It's called hair because it grows back.

Photo: Jimmy Choo