Watch the Trailer For the Christmas Horror ‘Krampus’

its going to be a red christmas

Hollywood has a knack for churning out terrifying Christmas-themed movies. Fred Claus was horrific. Christmas With the Kranks was downright frightful. We could barely make it through Surviving Christmas. But while those scares may have been unintentional, a new holiday horror movie is here to scare you for real. It's called Krampus, and the movie features a recognizeable cast that includes Adam Scott and Toni Collette.

Wikipedia desribes the movie's title creature as "a beast-like demon who is the opposite of Santa Claus in Germanic Christian folklore," that during Christmas, "searches and finds people and punishes them for their misdeeds." We only get glimpse of the Krampus in the trailer, but he looks like a large, furry, horned and hooved creature that refreshingly does not look like CGI. 

Krampus hits theaters on December 5.