Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Know The Names Of The Guys On ‘SNL’

She’s just like us

Mark your calendars and get excited, everyone: This Saturday, Kristen Stewart will be hosting Saturday Night Live. Sure, the actress has a reputation for being more inclined to give people the middle finger than crack a joke, but so what? Really, we'd still happily watch her spend her monologue flipping off Donald Trump than, say, cringe through awkwardly delivered jokes.

But seeing as how that's probably, like, against FCC rules, it seems like Stewart's being prepped to sing her heart out when she appears on the show this week. A new SNL promo reveals that Stewart wrote a song for cast member Beck... Wait, what's his last name again? We don't know! Neither does Stewart, it appears, who can only croon out a single syllable before being tripped up when it comes to Beck's last name. (It's Bennett by the way, not that we needed to look that up or anything.)

And while Bennett faux storms off the stage, admonishing Stewart to keep practicing and consider sporting a fedora, we couldn't help but think that, wow, Stewart doesn't know the names of any of the dudes on SNL. She's just like us! 

Watch the promo below, and catch Stewart this Saturday, February 4, at 11:30pm.