You’ll Want To Watch Kristen Wiig Impersonate The Bachelorette On ‘The Tonight Show’

“I will never see a Star Wars movie. I am against any type of war in space.”

Kristen Wiig's appearances on The Tonight Show are one of the best recurring bits on late night television. A hilarious improviser, Wiig never shows up as herself, but instead embodies a random person in the headlines, like Peyton Manning, Khaleesi, or Harry Styles. Wiig tends to not know a thing about the famous people she's playing, leading to absurd answers whenever Fallon asks her about her character's life. Yesterday, to promote Ghostbusters, Wiig spun comedic gold as JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette. 

Wearing a sequined evening gown and brown wig, she took Fallon behind the closed doors of the popular ABC dating show's notorious fantasy suite. "The fantasy suite—that's where I go on dates. And we close the door," said Wiig, while holding in her laugher. "Sometimes we kiss a little. Sometimes we'll rub each other. It's a show, so we have to pretend, but sometimes we go all the way. Just so people know!"

The interview took a detour to crazy town when Fallon asked Wiig to name the final four Bachelorette contestants (her answers: Scotchy, Deucey, Korn, and Mark Hamil), and when Fallon revealed that Fletcher is actually on the Ghostbusters soundtrack, singing "Ghost, Will You Accept This Rose?" The two closed out the interview with a rousing rendition of the song, which you can, and should, watch above.