Images Via Brit Day, Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Brit Day On What It’s Like When Kylie Jenner Copies Your Look

The designer behind the Coachella look everyone is talking about

On top of SiaRihanna, Taylor Swift, and others, one of the more fun subjects coming out of Coachella’s first weekend was this look by Kylie Jenner and the running Internet conspiracy theory that she may have copied it from someone else. See the side-by-side for yourself. 

Interesting, yes? Whether or not there’s any merit to accusations, it’s just all kinds of fun to speculate whether Jenner did indeed bite the style of Brit Day, a festival-fashion lover who lives 7,500 miles away from Indio, California, in Sydney, Australia.

So who is the woman behind the look that sent scores of Instagram users commenting and sharing? Well, we reached out through social media and found her. It turns out, she’s a budding fashion designer and a big-time Jenner lover.

Read below to find out who she is, what she’s up to, and how it felt to get caught up in one of Coachella’s most clicky social media controversies.   

Hi, Brit, nice to meet you. Thanks for talking to me. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a Kiwi who moved to Sydney in 2014. Having studied Fashion Design at university, I’m currently working for a fabric wholesaler while developing my label on the side.

Where you were when that picture was taken?

I wore it to a music festival in New South Wales, Australia called Rabbits Eat Lettuce. 

I'm pretty sure the Discount Universe swimsuit is still on pre-order, how did you get it?

I had seen it on the website before and really wanted it but it was unavailable. They released a small amount again at the end of last year and I bought it as a birthday present to myself. 

Obviously, festival fashion is big for you. Can you tell me about your personal style? What’s behind it?

I like to be unique and edgy. I love going to festivals and wearing outrageous pieces. It’s good to be different. I like making fashion fun.

And you have a forthcoming label, Day by Day—we see what you did there. What's that going to be like?

Day By Day is a festival-inspired label and will be all things Lycra, tassels, pom-poms, and prints. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine. I want to create head-turning pieces for people other than myself.

How did you first find out that Kylie Jenner had almost the exact same look as you? What was your first reaction?

I woke up to my cousin’s post on Facebook of us side by side wearing the exact same thing—hairstyle included. I was flattered, I couldn’t believe it. I was stoked my girl crush supposedly has a crush on me too! 

Do you have a personal theory as to whether she did or did not actually copy your look? If you think she did, how do you think she saw your Instagram?

Discount Universe reposted my Instagram post, after I wore the outfit at Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, so maybe she or her stylist saw it on their page and got inspired. My response post in no way was intending to be negative toward the fact she looked the same.

How have the Kylie fanatics and your friends been treating you on social media since?

While there’s been a lot of support and positive posts, it’s unfortunate that there has also been a lot of negativity. My post wasn’t intended to come across negatively at all. It’s sometimes easy for people to misinterpret, what you’re trying to say over social media, though.

You said you’ve got love for Kylie in your Instagram post—what do you like about her?

I think she’s an ultimate babe and a style icon to many women. I’d love to have her wardrobe.

Finally, what’s the next festival you're going to?

I’ll probably be going to Strawberry Fields in Victoria, Australia.