Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Watch Kylie Jenner Sing “Hollaback Girl” With Gwen Stefani

#TBT before #TBT?

Remember when Kylie Jenner joined Gwen Stefani in her live rendition of “Hollaback Girl”? Neither did we, probably because this magical moment happened a decade ago, long before the words “lip kit” started making their daily rounds around Jenner's persona.

Thankfully, Jenner was more than willing to remind us using a promo for her app. There, she shared a video of herself singing—or rather, yelling—“I ain't no Hollaback girl” onstage in a stadium during Stefani's concert. It’s a moment that’s nostalgic for her, hilarious for us, and an all-around good thing for the entire World Wide Web.

It’s no surprise that King Kylie was a boss even at this age. With this release, Kylie said that the concert was “the best night of her life” and she had a team searching for “weeks” to find the video. As you can see, she confidently grabbed the mic and belted out the lyrics while perched atop a random man’s shoulders. Perhaps setting the precedent for the rest of her life, Kylie steals the show.

Watch the cute clip below, and try not to sing along just a little.