photo via @kyliejenner on instagram


is kylie jenner stepping into the modeling biz?

anything can happen.

While sister Kendall is already a runway regular, it seems as if this fashion week might be a time for Kylie Jenner to dip her well-manicured toes in the world of high fashion. Spotted by Teen Vogue's fashion director Marina Larroude, the 17-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star may have made her first fashion week appearence in Kanye West's Adidas show.

It wouldn't be a surprise to find the youngest Jenner stepping deeper into the fashion world—with a PacSun collection released, a Topshop collab in the works, and her own line of hair extensions, she's certainly no stranger to style. And with her sister Kendall taking on more prestigious shows and campaigns everyday, it makes sense that Kylie may want to test out the trade herself. She's even done some editorial work, like her appearence in the new issue of Love magazine. What's more, Jenner (or her look-alike, but we are pretty sure it is her) appeared in a show by Kanye West—her brother-in-law, whose shoe collab she helped to debut on Instagram. It just makes sense that the runway would be the next step for this teen reality star.

All signs point towards Kylie Jenner's potential runway modeling debut—and with this family, anything can happen. Hopefully, this isn't a sign of some sibling rivalry...

(Via Teen Vogue)