Image via Instagram @kyliejenner

Why Is Kylie Jenner Missing From The Kardashians’ Christmas Cards?

Inquiring minds want to know

by Sarah Beauchamp

Because an inordinate amount of people are invested in the unconfirmed pregnancy of a 20-year-old reality TV star-turned-makeup mogul, a lot of people were disappointed when Kylie Jenner didn't appear in the last of the Kardashians' Christmas cards. She was noticeably absent from the family's "25 Days of Christmas" photo shoot, so when Kim Kardashian shared the final pic on Christmas Day, people couldn't believe there was still no Kylie.

The photo features Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kris, their grandma MJ, and Kim's and Kourtney's kids, all dressed in denim, posing around a giant Christmas tree.

Some guessed Kylie might be hiding in the tree. 

People got carried away imagining what this last card was going to be like and felt real dumb when it turned out to be nothing special. 

A lot of fans are now getting impatient waiting to find out if Kylie is in fact pregnant. 

While a lot of people weren't thrilled there was no announcement, they weren't surprised either. 

It's very possible Kylie just didn't feel like participating in another elaborate, over-the-top photo shoot with her family, especially one that needed to span a whole 25 days. It sounds exhausting. I wouldn't want to do that even if I wasn't pregnant. So if she is pregnant, I completely understand her sitting this one out. However, Twitter isn't as nice.