Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Kylie Jenner’s New Tattoo Is NOT Insane


While most of us are still recovering from the family bonding, binge-watching, and fridge-raiding of the holiday weekend, Kylie Jenner was out on the internets, flauting her insane bod and one new,


sane tattoo. 

Coming courtesy of New York City tattoo legend Bang Bang, the fresh, red ink just above her right hip spells out the word "sanity" in the letters of the International Phonetic Alphabet (aka, the weird letters in dictionaries). Many have flooded Bang Bang's Instagram comments with complaints that the spelling of the tattoo is incorrect, but it checks out with 

Merriam Webster

(and what I remember from my sophomore-year linguistics class).

So, what could be the purpose behind Jenner's new ink? Maybe keeps her calm even as her 

Lip Kits

fly of e-shelves. Perhaps it gives the grounding to confront the fact that her nephew is literally a 


. Then again, she could have ordered it up to aid her in balancing

the contradictory messages floating around in her scrambled brain


Either way, it's cute and minimalist. Check it out for yourself below.