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    by · March 21, 2014
    Australian pop queen Kylie Minogue gets physical in this video featuring hilarious and irresistibly dirty illustrations courtesy of frequent NYLON contributor Hattie Stewart. Up next on our video cue: Olivia Newton-John’s greatest hits and highlight reels from Perfect, the 1985 John Travolta/Jamie Lee Curtis classic.
    Fans of “New Girl” (and Superbowl watchers too lazy to change the channel once the game ended) were treated to a morsel of this song last month. In the full track, which is so club-ready you can practically hear the room filling with fog and lasers, Prince sounds like Prince and Deschanel sounds like a disco queen. In other words, TGIF!
    Wondering what Helium’s Mary Timony has been up to lately, in addition to rocking with her other super group, Wild Flag? Let me direct your attention to this absolutely perfect video for Ex Hex’s latest, in which Timony’s bandmates (Betsy Wright and Laura Harris) cut in on her dinner date with Ian Svenonius. A decadent spread featuring dishes straight out of the “how to be a wife” manual my mom got as a wedding registry freebie back in the early ’70s ensues.
    Three years can feel like forever when you’re waiting for new music by your favorite Baltimore folk-synth duo, but patience pays off when the reward is this eerie number that could easily pass for a lost mid-’80s Pat Benatar B-side.
    Trippy cartoon visuals accompany this slick Flume track in a video directed by Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell, who work on Nickelodeon’s Sanjay and Craig and Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. So. Into. it.
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