Photo via @KylieJenner Instagram


Kylie Jenner Skin Care May Be On The Way

And spas!

Kylie Jenner might be delving into the skin-care industry. The beauty guru’s makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics, has filed applications for three trademarks—two for “Kylie Skin,” and one for “Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner.” The domain for was registered back in July, but no one except the holder can see who took it.

The “Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner” trademark was filed for a large array of skin-care products, including:

Non-medicated skin-care preparations; Skin moisturizers; Skin lotions; Skin creams; Skin cleansers; Skin toners; Facial scrub; Body scrubs; Non-medicated skin care preparation, namely, facial mists; Non-medicated skin-care preparation, namely, skin serums; Skin masks; Non-medicated skin-care preparation, namely, facial balms; Facial oils; Body oils; Skin-care preparations, namely, skin peels; Body powders; Cosmetics; Cosmetic preparations.

More excitingly, the brand might also be prepping to open salons. One of the trademarks for “Kylie Skin” includes basically the same description as the above, but the other application is for “Retail store services featuring skin-care products, skin-care preparation products, cosmetics, cosmetic preparations, and gifts.” Sounds like there are plans to create brick-and-mortar spas in the future, and we’re so ready to book an appointment. We mean, have you seen Kylie’s skin?

If this is all true, as with Kylie Cosmetics, we should all be prepared for the products to sell out quick.