L Devine Reveals The Truth About The Real World In Her Debut Song

Listen to “School Girls” here

Time may age us, but that doesn't necessarily mean we mature. As much as we'd like to believe life is different after grade school, it usually isn't. Petty drama and passive-aggressiveness are still petty drama and passive-aggressiveness at the end of the day, no matter how you roll the dice. It's a truth bomb that's difficult to deal with, but hey, at least L Devine's dressing it up in a pretty, pastel-tinged package in her debut single, "School Girls."

The 19-year-old singer cuts right to the point in this ode to the aggravating mean girl drama that follows us into adulthood. "The song is about how in the 'real world,' you still encounter the same bitchiness you thought you left behind at school," she tells us. It's true; lyrics like "everybody's still a school girl" capture the peculiar reality of trying to grow up even as old habits die hard and gossip thrives.

L Devine worked with U.K. designer and producer Chloe for the cheeky lyric video. Chloe runs Babe, U Ok?, an online destination for all things wellness, beauty, mental health, romance, and more. "Chloe's blog is the opposite [of the song], so it was great to collaborate with her on the concept of this lyric video," L Devine says. The visuals add a much-welcomed lightness to the song, showing that yes, we may get older, but we can still maintain a youthful sense of wonder and design.