Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” Music Video Is A “Look Into [Her] Life”

The illusion is gone

The last time we saw Lady Gaga in music video form, she was waking up from a fever dream of fame, love, and pop. As the camera rose up above the desert horizon, Gaga tumbled through the landscape before the "Perfect Illusion" video cut to black. The illusion—aka the act she puts on for the public—was gone. It left her down and out. 

Gaga picks up right where "Perfect Illusion" left off for her new "Million Reasons" video. The show must go on, and as soon as the desert storm ends, she's back on the proverbial horse again, getting her hair and makeup done, putting on the Lady Gaga look. Following the release of the video, Gaga shared on Twitter that the video is "a story and look into my life." Perhaps she's bringing us into her healing process. The song can be read as a plea to a lover, but perhaps both "Perfect Illusion" and "Million Reasons" are also about her rollercoaster relationship with fame. After all, Gaga was close to quitting music a few years ago.

The Joanne era has been one of rediscovery, finding a balance between Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and Lady Gaga. The zany pop star is there, but refined and more confident than before. "Million Reasons," then, is more a meditation and reminder to stay grounded than anything. It's a simplistic video packed with complex and personal realizations. Now, that's a great pop moment.