Lady Leshurr Drops Her “Queen’s Speech Ep. 5” Freestyle And It’s Epic


One of the many benefits of living in 2015 was watching Brit rapper Lady Leshurr rise following the success of her so, so addictive track, “Queen’s Speech 4.” A rollercoaster of disses spit with a bubbly flow, it was worth not only multiple listens, but trips to Genius to tease out all those lyrics. Getting in the wayback machine to take in previous “episodes” of the track (“Queen’s Speech 3,” in particular) was just part of the fun.

Now, to draw a line under the year, Leshurr has dropped the fifth in the series, “Queen’s Speech Ep. 5.” The rapper promises this is the “final installment of the year,” though she didn’t clarify it’s the end of her sprawling freestyle project. Whatever, it’s almost as tight as episode four, and just as funny. 

This time, instead of demanding the listener brush their teeth, as was the hook of episode four, the focus now is on your lips, which are apparently like “crizzpy bacon.” Rough. (Sidenote: while it’s clear that this bacon-lips theme is an insult, it does make one wonder about the interesting possibilities of bacon-flavored lip gloss.)

The video, too, stays in the realm of past episodes, though Leshurr has moved the setting of her trademark stroll down the street to sunny Los Angeles, and traded her cap for a santa hat. The move to the West Coast is kind of the perfect capper for her 2015, one that’s seen her go from a little-known British curiosity to a worldwide star. Fingers crossed for a bigger, badder 2016 from his woman. Oh, and keep your ears open for topical references to 2015's patron saint DJ Khaled, the Miss Universe controversy, and a little tribute to Adele’s “Hello.” It's all for the bants.