lana del lips

the singer makes her case for the dark-lined makeup look.

by rebecca willa davis

We're about to talk about Lana Del Rey's lips--but not in the way you think.

Instead, we noticed something when she released a music video for her cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" last week: Lana was rocking the dark-liner, light-lipstick beauty look that we haven't seen since 1997. And considering her influence on, well, just about everyone, it had us wondering if lined lips are about to make a comeback.

An informal poll of NYLON editors followed, with mostly positive results. "Everything Lana does is flawless--and I especially like that it's a modern take on the nude lip--like, a new nude," said our Beauty Assistant Jade Taylor. Our Web Editor Ali Hoffman had a similar endorsement: "I like how it looks on her," she admitted, before adding that "the thought of me pulling it off is laughable."

Indeed, the only problem our staffers seemed to have with it wasn't the fact that the singer was rocking such a bold beauty look ("I think that Lana could make it cool again," noted our Senior Web Editor Ray Siegel), but rather, that it's a tough choice to pull off by most anyone else. As our Beauty Director Katie Dickens put it, "I think the key is that you have to be cool like Lana Del Rey."

Or, just have a bit of good advice. So here's the key to rocking what we're now dubbing Lana Lips: First of all, you've got to be mentally ready for the dark-lined lip. You're going to get looks, and you've got to be OK with that. Second of all, make sure you're keeping your mouth as hydrated as possible--we recommend using a lip mask (our editors love Decleor's Hydra Floral Flower Petals Moisturizing Mask) before you line. Third of all, you've got to pick the right liner-lipstick duo--Lana went with a raisin-hued liner and a nearly-metallic lip color, but you can play around with it to make the lip color more of a nude, or the liner a little less intense. If you want less shine, blot your lips with a tissue before leaving the house.

And don't forget to play "Video Games," oh, at least three times before you head out. If that doesn't get you into the right headspace, we don't know what will.

What do you think about the Lana Lip? Sound off in the comments below.

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