Watch Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach” Music Video

it’s so surreal

As soon as she took on the persona of Lana Del Rey and uploaded "Video Games" for all the worldwide web to see, Lizzy Grant became an instant icon—one for the Tumblr generation to venerate and the media to distort. Del Rey has been extremely vocal about how her quick rise to fame has affected her. After 2012's Born To Die, she publicly spoke about how she wasn't sure she would release another album, and has spoken about how noteriety has stifled her creatively. "I mean, I could just have been unpopular forever, that probably would have been a lot less tiring," she told Radio. Still, that didn't stop the paparazzi from capturing her every move and encroaching on every little detail in her private life. Now, Del Rey is enacting her own revenge in her new "High By the Beach" video.

The blue-shaded short opens up with a helicopter's view of Rey, then follows her as she romps around her home. Until the four-minute mark, it seems to be a mere look into Del Rey's everyday life. Then, she pulls a massive machine gun out of her guitar case and pulls a Betty Draper. 

Whether the video reveals the true nature of the song—before today, "High By the Beach" was considered to be about a destructive romantic relationship—or not, it's stunning to watch.