Lana Del Rey’s Greatest Lyrics GIFed And Illustrated

    LDR’s genius drawn and animated

    by · March 14, 2016

    Crushed flowers, broken lips, diet soda, and late-night TV: The subjects and substance of Lana Del Rey combine to create the great American poem of our time. Matter of fact, Lana Del Rey is herself one of the great American poets of our time. A combination of lovely nonsense, cheap, bubblegum-flavored Schnapps, and cigarette burns, she and the words that spill out of her mouth are our everything, your everything, everyone’s everything.

    In tribute to her and her Internet-friendly genius, we’ve turned to our electronic easels and created—or attempted to create—animated images that capture her unique, cherry-cola brilliance. They’re our gift to her after all the gifts she’s given us. We can only hope that we’ve done our Restylane muse justice.

    Click through, let the magic wash over you, and share with your LDR-loving friends.

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