Lana Del Rey Maleficent

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by liza darwin

Even though last night's Grammy Awards were definitely action-packed enough on their own, one commercial had everyone talking: the trailer for Maleficent. We already gave you the heads up about Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie's new Disney flick, but what we didn't know before? It features a brand new song form Lana Del Rey. The singer's track "Once Upon A Dream" is a cover from the original Sleeping Beauty movie, and reportedly Jolie hand-picked Del Rey to do the honors of performing it for the soundtrack. Listen here, and then go get the song for yourself--it's free right now on Google Play! (Stereogum

Kate Moss dons a yellow bob for the brand new Alexander McQueen spring ad campaign, which launched this morning. But as epic as the images are, the fashion film below just might be even cooler. Instead of posing alongside a male model, Moss works the screen opposite a mini version of..herself. Steven Klein's five-minute clip was reportedly inspired by the thriller Peeping Tom, and we can see why: it's creepy and dark and totally glamorous. Watch below! (Grazia). 

Reason #5325 we love Pharrell: he can make everyone freak out at the drop of a hat without even realizing it. Literally. According to the newly crowned Producer of the Year, he didn't expect his statement accessory to become such a big deal. "It's a Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat from when she was with Malcolm McLaren," he said. "It's not vintage--I would've been really stylin' if I had once from the '80s." (Hollywood Reporter)

Jennifer Lawrence has re-inked her Dior contract! Meaning, we can expect three more years of ad campaigns and Dior dresses on the red carpet. (Fashionista)

NYLON fave Adam Green (The Wrong Ferrari) is making a new movie called Aladdin, which, yep, is based on the iconic Arabian Nights story. And given the fact that it's Green we're talking about here, get ready for total sensory overload in the best way possible. Set in modern times and revolving around Aladdin's dysfunctional family, it'll follow the characters as they struggle with the corrupt Sultan. Along with a cast including Natasha Lyonne, Macaulay Culkin, and Alia Shawkat, he's already recruited some awesome artists for the soundtrack, including Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa and Binki Shapiro. Intrigued? Get the details, plus see how you can get involved, here! (Kickstarter)

In this adorable video for Mulberry, watch Cara Delevingne talk about who she'd invite to her British tea party--including Debbie Harry, the Queen, Judi Dench--all with a parrot perched on her shoulder. (Mulberry)