Watch The Lana Del Rey “Music To Watch Boys To” Video

because why wouldn’t she?

We said it before and we'll say it again: Lana Del Rey is deeply bored with all the fame and fortune and what-have-you. But in the spirit of moving past the clamor that comes with being the Internet's go-to goddess, she's moved into a universe of her own making. Her new album, Honeymoon, is rich with hazy echoes, cinematic orchestral moments, and obscure, romanticized allusions. All of these factors culminate in "Music To Watch Boys To," her latest single. Now, Del Rey, who has always made sure to match her music with equally impressive visuals, has gifted us a video for the song. 

There's really no plot here, nor a lesson to be found, other than the fact that female energy is a powerful force—one that is organically injected into every activity, even one that involves men. Whereas "High By the Beach" was riddled with a sense of discomfort and violence, in this new venue, we see Del Rey in her element. She's in control in her own dreamworld, and accompanied by her sister Chuck Grant, she's at her best.