private icon: lana del rey

he said to be cool but I’m already coolest.

by rebecca willa davis

To celebrate this month's Music Issue, we're looking at more than our favorite new bands--we're also mining our favorite album covers throughout history for a little bit of style inspiration.

"Blue jeans / white shirt / walked into the room / you know you made my eyes burn."

If you ignore the buzz, the hype, the hate, the gossip, what's left when it comes to Lana Del Rey are classics--from that Americana outfit she sings about on "Blue Jeans" to her trip-hop tracks to that instantly iconic album cover for

Born To Die

. There's something about the front-on stare, the orange-tinged lips, the gold hoops just barely peeking out from behind her perfectly curled hair, that caught our attention back in 2012 and hasn't let up since.

For anyone wanting the musician's self-described "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" look, you'll need a National Anthem-nodding pair of shades, some bad girl mascara (that's waterproof so it won't streak when your heart gets broken, natch), and of course that ultimate combo of blue jeans and a white shirt.

I say, "You the bestest," indeed.


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