The Last of Robinhood Trailer

dakota fanning, kevin kline, and one seriously unexpected romance.

by liza darwin

The new movie The Last of Robin Hood stars Dakota Fanning as a highly touted Hollywood up-and-comer...but before you roll your eyes thinking, "How is this at all a departure from reality?" hold up! 

The actress stars as Beverly Aadland, a teenage actress who's been working her whole life hoping for a big break. And thanks to industry hotshot Errol Flynn (played by Kevin Kline), she's about to get it.

The only problem? It comes with a cost. Namely, Aadland's seriously unexpected (ahem, and underage) relationship with the 50-year-old Hollywood veteran.  Set in '50s California, the biopic first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is finally prepping for its theatrical release stateside. Featuring Susan Sarandon as Aadland's overbearing stage mom, as well as tons of oldschool glamour and amazing costumes, the drama-filled flick will hit theaters this fall.

For now, get a sneak peek below and let us know what you think.