the beginner’s guide to latte art

fake it till you make it

Just because your local barista can create an exquisite foam fern with a subtle flick of her tattoo-covered wrist as she pours your five dollar latte doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, if you've ever actually tried to make latte art without proper training, you probably found yourself with a huge mess and a small burn. But who doesn't want the skills to make coffee look awesome? So, when Giorgio Milos, Master Barista at illy caffè, offered to stop by and show us a latte-art hack, we jumped at the chance.

Using illy's new Y5 Duo, a machine that makes single-serve espresso and coffee, Milos proceeded to totally blow our minds. Ahead, the easiest ways to fake being a latte-art expert, ever.

Toothpick Heart

Froth five ounces of milk. Brew a cup of espresso, then pour the milk into it. Scoop a dollop of froth on top of the latte, and use a toothpick to draw a heart on it.

Cocoa Powder Heart

First, on a piece of paper, draw a heart—then cut it out so you have a stencil. Then, froth four ounces of milk, and brew a cup of espresso. Pour the frothed milk into the espresso. Place your stencil over the mug and sprinkle cocoa powder over it.

Chocolate Syrup Heart

Froth four ounces of milk and pour it into your freshly brewed espresso. Use a spoon to plop three dollops of foam from the milk on top of the drink. Then, circle the dollops with chocolate syrup, and pull a toothpick across each one to create a heart shape.