carry on

leather backpacks to keep you strap-happy all season long.

by liza darwin

It's officially late August, and you know what that means: Back-to-school season is in full swing. Bummer, we know.

But while nobody's a fan of swapping summer vacation for class lectures, back-to-school shopping is an entirely different story. Especially when you're talking about staples you can wear even if you've already graduated. 

We'll always be fans of varsity jackets, Converse, and blue jeans (duh), but the real lifelong school necessity has to be the backpack. Sure, it might conjure up memories of lugging textbooks to your locker or picking the perfect monogram each year, but these days, the basic backpack is all grown up. 

Although rucksacks will never truly go out of style (and for good reason!), this season's leather version seems especially appropriate. It's durable, it goes with literally everything, and something about leather--regardless of whether it's real or faux-- just screams luxe. And the best part is, you can find them pretty much anywhere. 

Whereas designers like The Row (who famously showed a $39,000 crocodile version) might cost you, brands like Topshop, Madewell, and Free People offer options slightly cheaper than college tuition. So if you don't feel like sifting through the flea market this weekend, check out our favorite leather rucksacks below to carry you all the way through fall.