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the must-have vintage-inspired camera strap

Like anything else, customizing your stuff is the best part about buying stuff in the first place. Let's face it, you didn't just get that plain denim jacket to wear as a plain denim jacket. You're going to stud it, rip it, patch it, and splatter it, right?

Well, there are some things you just can't customize. Take, for instance, a super rad camera. You buy them to replace your older version, to start a new hobby, to be better at your job, or just because it's fun--the point is, you definitely don't buy the thing just to cover in paint and stickers. So how can you customize your point-and-shoot? All my photographer friends do it with a camera strap. From tie-dye and acid-washed fabric versions, to braided, belted, and suspender-style.

But, since you already have a love for vintage Chanel quilted bags with chain and leather straps (because, who doesn't?!), then why not take a hint from one of the most iconic fashion brands in history? With this Sarah Frances Kuhn Silver Screen Deluxe Classics piece, you so can. Now your camera looks more like something to die for than something you can hardly carry (you're welcome). Go get it right here, right now in the NYLON Shop!