Three Delicious Ways To Use Up All That Leftover Rice

    For when you’re all out of ideas

    by · August 19, 2016

    Photo by Brittany Bennett

    It’s a workweek night, and there’s next to nothing in your pantry but the sack of rice you use more for DIY home workout weights than meals. But when the Seamless order minimum is too high for one person, it’s that five-pound bag of rice that will provide your next meal.

    We buy rice with the best intentions. To be healthy (and maybe experiment with making our own sushi) or to save on those biweekly dinner splurges. But things come up, and spicy tuna is best left to the professionals anyway, and so the bag of rice settles into the far, dark corner of the pantry.

    You might not know what to do with it or how to dress it up, but there are plenty of easy ways to turn grains into gold for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Served hot, warm, or cool, it’s simple to transform rice into key elements featured in sandwiches or salads.

    We promise you’ll be out of rice before you know it and might even stock up on two bags during your next grocery trip. (One for weights and one for cooking, obviously.) Find some inspiration in the gallery below.

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