j.brand teams up with city year on a jean-ius collaboration.

by liza darwin

Forget everything you've learned in Urban Studies 101 for a second and take this pop quiz:

What happens when you buy the newest styles of J.Brand jeans?

a.) You can look good (it's J.Brand, duh).

b.) You can get in on the colored denim trend without having to commit to tomato red or bright yellow.

c.) You can help City Year, because 100% of the proceeds of the pants will go to this awesome organization that helps fight the dropout crisis happening in schools.

Okay, we admit: that was a trick question, because the answer was actually d.) all of the above.

For its first-ever charitable collaboration, the denim brand has teamed up with City Year on three new styles of twill jeans- a light taupe, cranberry red (in girls' sizes), or pine green update on the label's classic "811" skinny silhouette. Besides the fact that we're already obsessed with the flattering fit, there's never been a better reason to add a new pant to your fall wardrobe.

Sure, it normally doesn't take much for us to splurge on a new pair of J.Brands. But the fact that every cent of the $144 price tag goes straight to City Year...well, that just makes it a no-brainer.

Buy the jeans here.

Learn more about City Year here.