Leighton Meester’s New Show Is The Anti-‘Gossip Girl’

It’s called ‘Making History’

Time traveling television is having a moment. For one, there's Ilana Glazer's Time Traveling Bong, a story about, well, a bong that takes whoever smokes it into the past. Now, there's Making History, Fox's forthcoming comedy about a large duffle bag that also functions as a time traveling machine. What's more, Leighton Meester stars in it.

The days of Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf are long gone. Here, Meester plays Paul Revere's daughter, who ends up becoming the romantic interest of Adam Pally, the owner of said time traveling duffle bag. Pally ventures back to the days of the American Revolution to have a bit of fun. Naturally, his mere presence in the past screws things up a bit, and damage control (something Blair Waldorf's is very familiar with) must be made. Yassir Lester, a writer on GIRLS and sometimes actor, also stars.

Making History debuts next year.