Image Courtesy Lenny


Lena Dunham’s Nail-Art Line Is Actually Very Cute

don’t look that surprised.

Are you really that surprised that the Girls creator and repeated media target Lena Dunham’s first foray into the nail wraps game is stylish, adorable, and covered in butts? Would you have been if you knew that this particular line of nail-art stickers comes from Rad Nails—the very brand that brought you Ryan Gosling stick-ons? We didn't think so.

Yes, Lenny has partnered with Rad Nails creator Chrissy Mahlmeister—who recently used food as makeup with some success—to create a limited collection of wraps in fashionable reds, blacks, and beiges. What specifically ties them to Dunham and Girls producer Jenni Korner’s recently launched publishing business? Well, perhaps it’s the fact the Art Deco designs of the nail stickers secretly, craftily portray almost abstract butts, boobs, and other ladyparts. No, wait—that is the reason. Take a closer look.

Image courtesy Lenny.

It’s part of a larger collection of Lenny apparel and accessories you can peep right over here. Pick some up if your heart fancies, but just know that to us, the idea of being able to wear butts on your nails while remaining work appropriate is a major win.

(Via Mic)