Watch the Trailer for Lena Dunham’s ‘Scandal’ Episode

she fits right in

One day, when historians write the definitive book on Lena Dunham's guest appearance on Scandal, today will go down as a pivotal moment. ABC just released the first promo for next week's episode, and it starts off the only way it possibly could: with Dunham's character shouting, "Oh my God, you're Olivia Pope!" You better believe she is. 

In the episode called "It's Good to Be Kink," Dunham and her bangs play an author who just penned a tell-all that "threatens to take down Washington," according to the man with the deep voice. Naturally, it falls on Kerry Washington and her squad of Gladiators to make sure that does not happen. And if Lena Dunham isn't enough reason to tune in, then the trailer also promises "50 Shades of Scandal," which apparently is a thing. Can't wait!