Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images

lenny kravitz’s response to #penisgate is hilarious

he actually called it “#penisgate”

Yesterday, the Internet watched, captivated, as Lenny Kravitz split open his leather pants. He was commando, he was pierced; everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Everyone furiously typed away, Googling, "Lenny Kravitz wardrobe malfunction," clicking on as many links as they could to find an unblurred video (which was, as many found out, harder than anyone could have anticipated).

They waited and speculated about cock rings until they could hear from the man (the myth, the legend) himself. Then, came a lone Tweet. It was a screenshot of a text from Steven Tyler, "Dude... No underwear and pierced... Fuck me.. You never showed me that shit," it read. Kravitz's response? A lone hashtag: "#penisgate."

But what does it all mean? the Internet wondered. Would it happen "again"? "It ain't over 'til it's over," they consoled one another. 

And, indeed, there may come another day when it will all "fly away." But until then...