will you buy pre-shredded tights?

by nylon

Think back to your elementary days, when an intense round of tag would inevitably lead to scuffed knees, and consequentially, ripped tights. And even though you might've been scolded back then for ruining your outfit, now the sartorial result of rough-and-tumble playground games has become a fashion trend in itself.

Ripped tights are a key component of '90s grunge, which has been hitting the runways season after season. After all, who could forget Alexander Wang's monochromatic Fall '08 show, complete with bedhead hair, biker boots, and shredded clothes? Everything in the collection had a weathered look, as if these clothes were so beloved, they've almost worn out completely.

But now brands like ASOS are selling pre-ripped hosiery, so you can get Erin Wasson's "I've worn these forever" look as soon as you walk out of the store - much like how ripped jeans have become a weird staple even at clean-cut places like Gap. And while we're all for stores making it easier to get our ideal style without the effort, we have to wonder if these already-destroyed duds are a little extreme.

Would you wear these pre-shredded tights, or are you cool with ripping the old-fashioned way?

$16.85 at ASOS