let’s make a seal

make your kisses a little more permanent.

by faran krentcil

Last month, we raved about L'Oreal's infallible lipstick, which really does stay on for sixteen hours straight. The one problem? It only comes in red and various shades of mauve, which means if you're an acolyte of the Lime Crime school of shocking lip color, you're out of luck.

But maybe there's something to fix that, and it's been in Europe for years. Called Ella Lip Chic, it's finally available in the US (at Urban Outfitters, no less). Think of it as a top coat for your lips - it coats your color and protects it from fading throughout the day.

Ella isn't quite as strong as L'Oreal's formula - it'll probably get you through four hours, as opposed to a full day. But if you're wearing hot pink, orange, or purple lipstick, you probably only need it to last for a little bit, before you change your mind and hop to another oh-so-now lip trend.

$18 at Urbans or online