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liam hemsworth’s new hair is super ’90s

like a dreamboat straight out of tiger beat

by nylon

This weekend, at the Kids' Choice Awards, Liam Hemsworth debuted a new center-parted hairstyle, thus joining the ranks of just about every '90s crush we've ever had: It's equal parts Shawn from Boy Meets World, Ethan from Lizzie McGuire, Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1996's Romeo + Juliet, and Clea Duvall in But I'm A Cheerleader.

The new 'do has added another facet to the Hemsworth's sex appeal—one that not only activates our nostaglia, but makes the 6'3" Australian actor seem even more down to earth. Hemsworth is apparently taking his new look seriously, accessorizing with a chain necklace, salmon tee, and beaded bracelets. Swoon! The only thing left to do is to print this photo on glossy paper, fold it down the center, pretend we pulled it out of the latest Tiger Beat, and plaster it to our bedroom walls.

Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images