Watch The New Trailer for Life Partners

sometimes growing up sucks.

Finding the right roommate is like winning the lottery—it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it basically means you have a guaranteed BFF to eat pizza and binge-watch Netflix with for the rest of eternity, two things which are certainly the spice of life, if you will. Though, sometimes co-habitiational bliss can run dry—as much as we wish it wouldn't—and when it ends, so often does the friendship and you're left arguing over who's going to take all the terrariums.

Such is the premise of Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacob's new film Life Partners, in which the two actresses star as Sasha and Paige; a pair of long-term, co-dependent roommates whose longest relationship has been with each other. It all goes swimmingly until Paige starts dating Adam Brody's character, Tim (who's unsurprisingly Seth Cohen-esque). Part comedy, part tale of growing-up, we're hoping—and can't wait to see—IRL couple Meester and Brody's characters bicker on-screen. Strangely, it's Gillian's character who plays the romantic interest of Adam's, and not his actual wife, Leighton. Definitely will lead to an interesting screen dymanic, wethinks.

Watch the new trailer for Life Partners below. Then, obviously, download the film early on iTunes/VOD November 6, 2014 or see it in theaters on December 5, 2014.