LIGHTS Debuts New Music Video For “Meteorites”

“we are all going to see greater heights”

The goal of any music artist is to move you and elicit some sort of cathartic response that makes you a better, more in tune you. Some succeed, some don’t. LIGHTS falls into the former category. Her last album, Little Machines, was rich with universal truths and existential longing, sung through a blissful electro-pop lens that made it nearly impossible to not relate to. On April 8, LIGHTS will release a new album called Midnight Machines. Today, we’re proud to debut a new video from it called “Meteorites.”

The delicate song gets an equally delicate, atmospheric video. It finds LIGHTS exploring the coastline, sometimes in reverse motion. The result is a warmly lush visual that reads like a perfect Instagram come to life. Her story of finding your place in the world, relishing in it, and seeking greatness is not lost. Rather, it’s amplified and emboldened by the video. Press play and get lost in the moment for a bit. Your journey into the weekend is guaranteed smooth sailing