only mortal

in the power ranking of fantasy females, how does clary fray match up?

by liza darwin

In crop topsdark lips, and even bowler hats, there's no question Lily Collins has been killing the fashion game recently during her whirlwind press tour for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. But this week we actually get to see the actress kick ass in a whole different way: on the big screen. 

Based on the eponymous book series by Cassandra Clares, the highly-anticipated summer blockbuster finally lands in theaters today. The timing is basically perfect, as it's situated comfortably between two other YA novels-turned-Hollywood flicks (this spring's Saorsie Ronan film The Host and the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which requires no explanation). But how does her onscreen alter-ego, the teenage shadowhunting Clary Fray, match up to the other protagonists hitting theaters this year?

We've pitted Clary, Katniss, and The Host's Meanie Stryder against each other below: consider this your ultimate fantasy female cheat sheet, and let us know your favorite girl hero in the comments. 

Movie: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Fantasy Female: Clary

Full name(s): Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fray/Fairchild/Morgenstern

Special Powers: She's a shadowhunter, meaning she is a half-human, half-angel; talented in tracking and killing demons

Enemy: Demons, vampires, werewolves

Love Interest: Fellow shadowhunter Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower)

Defining Physical Feature: Bold brows, pale skin

Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Fantasy Female: Katniss

Full name(s): Katniss Everdeen, "Girl On Fire," Catnip, 

Special Powers: Tribute and winner of the 74th annual Hunger Games; pro at the bow and arrow

Enemy: It's complicated. The Capitol, who forces her to return and compete in the Quarter Quell; President Snow, other Quarter Quell competitors

Love Interest(s): Also complicated. Pretends to love Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), but really loves Gale (Liam Hemsworth).

Defining Physical Feature:Side braid, Mockingjay pin

Movie:The Host 

Fantasy Female: Melanie

Full name(s): Melanie Stryder / Wanda

Special Power: inhabited by a "Wanderer" soul and now has a double identity; able to find and interact with humans; possesses free will

Enemy: Alien souls

Love Interest(s): Jared Howe/ human Ian O'Shea

Defining Physical Feature: Pale, glowing blue eyes