outtakes from the latest nylon guys.

by faran krentcil

We're not sure how it happened, but this month, Lily Collins stars in not one but two feature films that revolve around her being kidnapped. The first, a period piece called Priest, has her getting dragged through the forest by evil vampires, while Paul Bettany plays a warrior monk trying to save her.  Seriously, we couldn't make that up.

Then there's Abduction, the highly talked about thriller where Collins is again (yes) abducted - but this time Taylor Lautner comes to save her, and they end up falling in love.  (Mercifully, no vampires are involved this time around).

In real life, though, Ms. Collins is perfectly capable of saving herself.  She did her own stunts on Priest, and also refused to wash the dirt from her hair or body during filming, since the character was supposed to be getting seriously kicked around.  And she's dabbling with the most terrifying acting challenge of all - comedy improv.

Meanwhile, she had time to pose for NYLON Guys this month.  Pick up the issue to read her story and see even more shots of the young starlet on the rise...