Underwear As Outerwear, It's Time To Embrace It

    The art of lingerie-inspired dressing

    by Marissa Smith · June 23, 2016

    Okay guys, please don't roll your eyes at us. But it's time you jump on a trend you never thought you'd like: innerwear as outerwear. Forget hiding and saving lingerie for someone special or yourself. Now everyone should see it. 

    We aren't talking about doing it in a crazy or risqué way. Start slow with a lace camisole. With '90s trends making a comeback, this is the best (and most subtle) way to try it out. Plus, it's very easy to layer and comfortable to wear. Just throw the cami over a classic white T-shirt and some cut-off jean shorts for summer, and you are set with your next outfit go-to. If you're liking this, try a slip dress next. For other takes on the trend, scroll through the gallery below.


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