anna sui’s makeup line slowly comes to america.

by faran krentcil

Everyone in fashion is busy, but Anna Sui might win our high-on-caffeine award for the week. She's just wrapped collaborations with Target and Fit Flop, and three weeks ago, she debuted yet another runway line for her namesake brand.

Now there's even more of the Sui life, courtesy of Albion cosmetics.  The brand's been working with Anna Sui for years on her Japanese makeup, but it's finally (finally!) coming to America with a new and cool product: lipstick.

As seen on Karen Elson, Gracie Carvalho, and the rest of Sui's runway scenesters, the new lip rouge comes in four different textures (glitter-based, glossy, straight up, or sheer) and 30 colors, including ten different pinks, plus black, brown, purple, and bright yellow.

Each stick retails for $25 at Anna Sui boutiques or online, where you can see it modeled by Sui's muse, the model Agyness Deyn.  You can also get info on the designer's New York headquarters, so if you're so moved to ship her a Frappucino for her frenzied production schedule, you'll have the right address.

Plus: Anna Sui is always on NYLON TV

No really, here she is again.