Lipstick Vs. Corn On The Cob: The Ultimate Summer Showdown

It gets messy

Today is National Lipstick Day, and it also happens to be the perfect time to enjoy our favorite summer treat: corn on the cob, and, specifically elote. What better way to test the product of the hour than to see how it holds up against one of the messiest snacks around?

We rounded up a few of our editors and a few of our new favorite lipstick releases to test out whether they could withstand our sloppy eating habits—don't judge us, okay? Some lipsticks fared better than others, but at least we all got to eat some corn.

Watch us go to work on our favorite elote from La Esquina, in the video above. We also gave our honest reviews of the lipsticks we tested, below.


Shot by Charlotte Prager and Dani Okon

Edited by Dani Okon

Corn by La Esquina

Lipstick: Covergirl, Exhibitionist Metallic Lipstick, tried by Jenna Igneri, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor

I'm obsessed with this new navy shade from Covergirl! Its smooth application, creamy texture, and metallic sheen are everything I look for in a lip color. However, I might just have to save it for post-BBQ season, as it didn't quite hold up to the mess that is elote.

Lipstick: Urban Decay, LO-FI Lip Mousse, tried by Lindsay Hattrick, Design Assistant

I did not have to be asked twice to participate in this challenge—I love elote and Urban Decay's LO-FI Lip Mousse. As the name suggestions, LO-FI is not a traditional lipstick. It's essentially a matte powder that gives a beautiful wash of color on the lips.  It's weightless and effortless and I've found it to be pretty long-lasting in my recent test runs. Going into the elote facedown, I felt confident that my lipstick would be budge-proof. As I was eating, I felt no slip or any sort of movement of the product. It wasn't until I heard a burst of laughter from behind the camera, and was informed that my lip-color had relocated to my chin, that I realized I had been very wrong. 

Lipstick: Flesh, Strong Flesh Lipstick, tried by Taylor Bryant, Web Editor

The only lipstick I trust to have true staying power are liquid lipsticks, so I wasn’t expecting much from Flesh’s satin iteration. But! never judge a product by its texture, apparently, because it stayed on pretty well, even through my messy corn chomping. In fact, I believe I came out of the challenge with the most color left on my lips out of everyone, so, I’m either a classier eater than my coworkers (no) or Flesh has got a winning lipstick on its hands. 

Lipstick: M.A.C Plenty of Pout Plumping Lipstick, tried by Charlotte Prager, Senior Video Editor

I am not usually one to seek a plump or pouty lip from my lipsticks, but the bright creamy color and smooth application of this one sold me immediately. My lips felt moisturized and just a little bit tingly—invigorating! Now enter the corn. By the time I was done chomping, there was as much lipstick on the latter as there was on my lips... and chin. It still tasted delicious. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this lipstick for eating corn on the cob, but would probably recommend it for almost anything else.

Lipstick: Marc Jacobs, Liquid Lip Crayon, tried by Dani Okon, Video Editor

I would recommend the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon to nine friends out of 10, because everyone has that one friend who takes pleasure in pointing out the tiny flaws in the things we love. I was ready to get married to this lipstick upon first application. It's soft, easy to apply, and beautifully vibrant. There's something special about red in the summertime, and this shade makes a statement without screaming in your face. The Le Marc crayon goes on smooth as butter but, as per the video evidence, doesn't perform so well against butter—or buttery corn. By the end of my corn journey, my lips were nearly bare, only sad, small remnants were left smeared around the edges. Maybe I'm not like other girls, but if butter were my only enemy I'd still consider myself a winner.