Lipstick Vs. Pie: Slice Up Your Life

    Challenge accepted

    by Sydney Gore · November 30, 2016

    Another season, another lipstick challenge! Ice cream meant the odds were stacked against our lipstick shades, but we totally conquered the dessert. Then we lived to tell the tale of how our lip color—and our teeth—remained intact when faced with candy apples. But all year long, we have been waiting for this day. No, not Thanksgiving. That ship has sailed (see what we did there?!), and now we can focus on the main plate at the table: pie.

    As with shades of lipstick, there are so many different flavors of pie from which to choose. We decided to keep it simple and go with a classic pumpkin, baked by our very own digital design director, Liz Riccardi. (She happens to be a pie pro.) Now that 2016 is coming to an end, we'll have to whip up more dishes to put our lips to the test in the new year.

    See how our lipsticks held up as we fed ourselves gigantic slices of pie in the gallery, below.

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