Photo via Lisa Frank.

Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Now Exist

and they’re just as magical as you would expect

Artist Ariel Hart has just made all of your fifth-grade dreams come true. Combining Lisa Frank, everyone’s favorite elementary school brand, and divination, she has created possibly the best thing to ever happen to the iconic colorful imagery that once emblazoned every folder, Trapper Keeper, and pencil case we've ever owned: tarot cards.

The 22-card Major Arcana deck includes all of your favorite characters from the rainbow-and-candy-filled world of Lisa Frank: the golden retriever puppies, the overalls-wearing panda, the multicolored leopards, and more. The Devil card includes a banana sporting a zebra print bikini and a pentacle cowboy hat, while the Lovers card shows two hippie aliens with a rainbow angel kitten overlooking from above. 

Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Full set: Posted by Ariel Hart on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This set is pure genius and a dream come true for any elementary school kid from the '90s that loved Lisa Frank and also had a taste for the occult. As a self-claimed witch in fourth grade, these would have really helped back up my cred during recess.

If you thought this magical new tarot deck couldn't get any better, it can—it's completely free, something our nine-year-old selves would have also appreciated. You can print the deck here.

Now, we'll just quietly wait for the artist to create the Minor Arcana so that our Lisa Frank tarot set (and our lives) can be complete.