Listen To Sia’s Latest Anthem “Unstoppable”

from her upcoming album

Based on its title alone, you can probably guess what Sia's new song "Unstoppable" sounds like. If you guessed "heart-swelling, bone-shaking, self-empowering pop anthem" then give yourself a Triscuit, because that's exactly what it is. The track is the sixth one Sia's released off her upcoming album This Is Acting, which will be available on January 29, and which you already know is made up of songs she initially wrote for other artists. Sia hasn't said which pop star "Unstoppable" was meant for, but with lyrics like “I’m unstoppable, I’m a Porsche with no brakes / I’m invincible, I win every single day / I’m so powerful I don’t need batteries today," our guess is Sia.

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