Video Premiere: Little Boots’ Get Things Done

premiering “Get Things Done”

The office can be a dreary and monotonous place, but not when seen through the eyes of Little Boots. For her latest video, "Get Things Done," the British neo-disco songstress has reimagined the 9-to-5 prison as a pastel playland that looks like a Mad Men set reimagined by Stanley Kubrick. Directed by Nova Dando, the video is a fitting capper to Little Boots' acclaimed third album, Working Girl, with its fizzy interpretation of office culture. "'Get Things Done’ was one of the last songs I wrote for the album and really epitomises the whole Working Girl concept so I wanted the video to do the same," said Little Boots, whose real name is Victoria Hesketh. "The video is very tongue in cheek and we had a lot of fun playing on office party chic and nodding to those sexy secretary Ministry of Sound dance video fantasies of the early noughties, except in our version the girls are very much in control. I wanted it to almost feel like moving artwork, blurring the lines between music videos, album artwork, photo shoots and gifs.“

Check it out above.