Little Boots Shake Music Video

the ultimate dance-off, set to electro-pop.

by rebecca willa davis

Watch out, Dancing With The Stars! If Victoria Hesketh--aka Little Boots--has her way, future competitions will be between dancers and robots. Yes, robots.

At least, that's where our minds are going with the new music video for "Shake," off of this year's Nocturnes. The premise is simple: Two dancers go head-to-head in front of judges, each with a spindly but nimble robot moving along with them. "Delaney Bishop had a great idea that really worked with the song, so it's great we could make it happen and see the track brought to life," explains Hesketh.

It's not just the video that's striking, but the indie-dance song itself. "'Shake' was the first track we released from Nocturnes and was really influential in finding the direction for the sound of the record, so it's always been an important track for me," Hesketh says, adding, "It was also a big fan and live favorite, so it seemed a shame we never made a proper video for it."

Now, not only do we have a video--but we've got the exclusive premiere. Watch it below, and then tell us you don't want to see Snooki or Jack Osbourne doing the cha-cha with a robotic creature....